Resuming work, leaving behind your darling little new born is perhaps the toughest thing to do. While most working parents opt for child care to take care of their toddler while they are away, the thought of leaving them with a stranger in a roomful of other babies seems heartbreaking for some parents. While there exist no best solution for everyone (considering the needs may be differ from parents to parents), there are certainly few creative child care solutions that you may want to try to get a good care for your little angel.

  • Arrange for Family Care – That’s one of the many good choices you can think of for your baby. You can have your in laws or parents look after your child while you go to office. This will give you peace mind because you know your kid is in safe hands, and of course will save beaucoup money as you are not hiring a professional caregiver to take care of your baby. Also, the kid gets to form a great bond with their grandparents.

    Child Care Solutions to Make Your Life Easy!
    Child Care Solutions to Make Your Life Easy!
  • Take baby to work – That’s a better option. This way you don’t have to leave your workplace 30 minutes early to pick the baby from child care and reach home early to feed him and spend time with him.

  • Call a nanny home – What many nannies do is they carry their baby to your house and look after both your and her baby, while you are at work. While you have to pay them for their service, the price is economical because the nanny is bringing her own baby to work so the hourly rate is lower than a traditional nanny setup. This looks like an ideal option for you and the nanny.

  • Share the love – Working from home is the best way to manage both house and office. New parents can work in shifts and share the love. For instance, mom can during baby’s sleep hours and dad can work when the baby is awake. If one has to go to office for some urgent meeting, the other can take care of the baby. This option brings in three attractive benefits- the baby is being watched by their parents themselves, they don’t lose 1-2 hours of their day to reach office, and they’re not paying for someone to take care of their baby. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

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