If you’re intending enrolling your child (or children) into Montessori school, you must have done your research well about the kind of education these schools provide, their curriculum, environment and vital differences between Montessori and traditional learning methods.

In Montessori schools, not just the curriculum and classroom, even teachers are different.

Wondering how are Montessori teachers different from traditional school teachers? We’ve put together top 5 things Montessori teachers do differently. Read on.

  1.      Guidance – Instead of being the center of attention in the classroom or giving instructions, the Montessori teachers guides the growth and development of the students in the classroom. Their role is to prepare and organize the learning materials to meet the needs and interests of the Montessori children. In Montessori Method of teaching, students learn by doing what they live not by doing what’s been instructed by their teacher.  In this environment, teachers guide children’s move, not restrict them.

    Montessori Teachers vs Traditional School Teachers
    Montessori Teachers vs Traditional School Teachers
  2.   Respects Individuality – Every child is unique, and Montessori teachers understand this best. This method train teachers to help students in small groups or individually. Teachers allow children to learn at their own pace, without binding them with time bound curriculum. This encourages and engages them further.
  3.   Observe – Every Montessori classroom is specifically created and designed to cater to the child and their interests. The teacher steps back and observe each student learning using the materials in their reach. Here, the teacher take a hands-off approach so the child can explore and learn on their own.
  4.      Encourage for activities – We said it in the start of the post that Montessori teachers are different. One of the reasons why we said this is because they shift the focus to the environment and the activities that give every child a chance to grow, learn and develop.

The above points make Montessori teachers different from traditional teachers.

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