Preparing child for preschool is one of the toughest tasks in every parent’s list. As a parent, every morning you probably have to try hard to convince your child to go to child care/preschool. What to do?

Sometimes you can rely on distractions or sometimes you can push it on your spouse to persuade the kid. When both of these options  become obsolete, you just have to be innovative, yes, just that!

We know it is tough to think of tricks so early in the morning. Hence we’ve come up with the list of favorite things that can surely turn their NO to YES. You can choose one or a mix of 2-3 ideas at a time to get your kids excited about daycare every morning.

Tips to Get your Child Ready for Preschool

  • Toys and Materials – Children love toys, and more if there is a variety to it. At home, they may have lot of toys and craft materials, but the collection at school is different! Remind her that she will get to play with her favorite toy or use the crayons she likes to draw different pictures.
Tips to Motive your kids to go to DayCare every morning
Tips to Motivate your Kids to go to DayCare Every Morning
  • Friends – Of course! Preschoolers look forward to playing with their friends at the daycare. Again, interacting with friends is one of the ways through which they’ll learn social skills. Tell them if he goes to the school, he’ll get to meet and play with them. Ask them about their plan for today.
  • Outing – Everyone,particularly, kids love outings. If there is one planned, you may not even have to remind them about it. They’ll get ready before time for school picnics or field trips.
  • Play/Games – Children love playing, the most, if it is with their school friends. You can remind your child that he’ll get to play his choice of game in the school today.
  • Lunch – Although you give them a lunch box daily, create some excitement by adding a surprise in it. Tell her, she’ll get a surprise after opening the lunch box today.
  • Events – Special occasions like birthday parties, costume parties or any competition, kids love all these events. You will find it tough to hold them back from running to the car on the event day.
  • Activities – Your preschooler loves displaying what he has learnt or made today like drawing, craft, paintings or learnt a new word, numbers etc. Ask them what new they’ll learn or bring home today. Preschool activities is definitely one of the great ways to get your kids excited about daycare everyday.

You can rely on these tips to excite your child for preschool every morning. Hope this helps!

What other tricks do you use? Do share with us in the comment box below.

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