Typically, working parent bank on day care center for child care and early education. However, child care should be more than just teaching and learning; it should have extracurricular activities. While not many child care provides such activities, there are several other ways to get it for your child.

  • Search for child care with additional activities – You should look for day care that offer enrichment activities like music, dance and sports. Having all these activities in day care will let kids enjoy it without leaving the center. Most child care providers offer these activities as a part of the curriculum, while others provide this at an additional cost. Be sure to enquire beforehand.

    Extracurricular Activities for Kids
    Extracurricular Activities Other Than Child Care
  • Make them join activities they love and enjoy – Find and enroll your kid for an activity he won’t find in day care, and one which he/she loves. Your child may love music or drawing or may be playing an instrument. Whatever may be the like, ensure the classes are of shorter duration because kids usually have short attention spans and they tend to get bored quickly. You may prefer 1 hour or 2 hour class.
  • Join weekend classes as a family – Working parents rarely find time for their family on weekdays. Hence they try their best to spend maximum time with their kids on the weekends. We recommend planning activities you can perform and enjoy together as a family. There are several extracurricular activities for kids and parents like swimming, yoga, dance, music, painting, soccer etc.

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