At the start, it is common for a child to show tantrums and different emotions like anger, crying, anxiety and clinging. Now the question comes how to prepare for daycare? In this post we list down tips for smooth and easy transition.

Tips to Prepare your Child for Child Care

  • Prepare yourself in advance – If you are planning to send your baby to child care center, it may be helpful for both of you to spend time apart in advance. For instance, you can ask your friend to look after your child for few hours of the day. This will train and help both of you to stay relaxed even without each other.

    How to prepare your baby for DayCare
    Tips to prepare your baby for DayCare
  • Tell them the benefits of joining daycare – A preschooler may understand some of what you tell him/her about the new environment. Kids like playing and exploring; tell them the new friends they’ll make in the child care, new games they’ll get to play, new activities they’ll get do etc. Also, remind your child you will come back to pick him/her from the care center.
  • Spend sometime with them in the center – In the first few days, spend some extra time with them and help them settle. Most kids like new place, making new friends and must be very excited to visit the daycare, so an extra minute or two to get them involved with other children or activities may be all that’s required.
  • Hand over something that keeps them engaged – You can allow your child to carry a family photo or a toy to the care center. Before this make sure your facility has no problem with it.

The above tips may help you immensely in preparing baby for daycare.