A lot of parents decide to resume work after having children. This could be due to financial necessity or they truly want to continue going to office. Regardless of the reason, the first day of daycare drop-off is tough for every working parent.

It is really heartbreaking to hand your child to somebody else for 8 to 10 hours. In this process, parents miss a lot of ‘firsts’ – first step, first giggle, first word – we know it’s sad to miss those precious moments.

It’s common for working parents to start feeling guilty. Working parent guilt sometimes comes from external people, probably your friend who is constantly stressing on the many advantages of babies having a stay-at-home mom or dad. The fact that you cannot be around your child when he/she needs you at preschool doubles the guilt.

Despite of these instances, you should not allow the working parent guilt to mount on you. Because with cons come the pros; there are several benefits that you can enjoy if you choose a quality child care for your kids.

How A Quality DayCare Can Help Get Rid of Working Parent Guilt
How A Quality DayCare Can Help Get Rid of Working Parent Guilt

Child Care Benefits for Working Parents

A good child care should offer great early childhood education opportunities. Most daycare offer curriculum that includes music, dance, painting and foreign language lecture etc. While stay-at-home parents will teach their kids, it may be tough for them to teach the same way like a daycare teacher. The curriculum makes a big difference.

Enrolling your child to day care results in social development of the child. When your kids are in daycare they’ll interact with other children on regular basis. Doing so will help them learn caring, sharing, cooperating and other social skills. Most importantly, they’ll learn to interact, which results in cognitive, behavioral and emotional development of the child that cannot really happen at home.

What Makes a Good DayCare

The real key is choosing child care that you are comfortable with. Children’s safety should be the first priority of any daycare center. Visit the center (try going with prior notice) to know how they deal with sick kids, know the staff-to-child ratio, how do they interact with kids in the center, what do they serve kids to eat, what are there policies regarding vaccinations etc.

Other than this – get reviews from current and past clients, check references. Most importantly, see if the center fits into your budget – ask about their fee schedule.

There are several daycare catering to your needs, you just need to pick the right child care for your child.

The guilt will always be there, but choosing a childcare that meets your needs and where your baby will be happy can help reduce it to a large extent.

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