Child care providers can be a great help in developing early literacy skills among toddlers. It is often said that children who have had many experiences listening to books read aloud or talking about books typically start school with good literacy skills. If a teacher in child care center read and write with kids, toddlers may develop an interest towards reading and writing at an early stage.

While reading books aloud is one of the many ways to encourage kid’s early literacy skills, there are several other ways you can try too. In the below article we give you a list of simple things you can do for literacy development in early childhood.

Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

  • Create an environment that is supportive of early learning and writing. For this, keep paper and crayons within the reach of children. They can use it anytime they want to draw or write
  • Keep enough age-appropriate books in the child care center for kids to read and learn. Add a collection of simple story books, nursery rhymes and toddler specific books that will support their reading abilities
  • Talk about books when you read together

    Helping Develop Early Literacy Skills
    Helping Develop Early Literacy Skills
  • Join kids in reading newspapers, magazines and books. Encourage them to recognize alphabets and colors in the book
  • Read aloud the stories. This will encourage them to do the same when their turn comes
  • Take kids to the library and teach them to choose books; Make it a fun event arranging related games
  • Ask them to help you in making grocery list. You can encourage them write letter to their family; you too join them in writing
  • Singing nursery rhymes is the fun way to teach your child language, repetition and rhythm
  • Tell them stories. Encourage them to also share the stories they know and listen to them with interest
  • Put tags for important things in the center so children get used to prints/instructions/labels
  • Respond to queries related to print inside the book like restaurant name, food type, dress color, vehicle model etc.

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