Usually working parents send their children to child care. A lot of children in the US are in some kind of daycare arrangement. While some parents enroll their kids to child care because they don’t have time to teach or be with them, while others are advised by professionals because the child care environment affects child development. Wondering how? In this article we’ve listed down the instances/situations through which a child learn at day care.

What your Children Learn in Preschool

Child Care affects child’s development in several ways, whether positively or negatively – depends on the overall quality of the facility. It helps in emotional, cognitive, linguistic, social and behavioral development of the child. They learn to share, care, interact, recognize and reciprocate. But how do they learn these skills?

How Does Learning Happen at Child Care
How Does Learning Happen at Child Care?

How Do Children Learn at Child Care?

What your kid will learn in preschool and how they’ll learn depends on the quality of the care center. A good quality child care will have such curriculum that includes everything focused towards self-learning. Yes! Because children learn by doing. The motto is to let children explore and understand by themselves. This increases their curiosity, thereby encouraging creativity.

When placed together, children begin to develop friendships that are vital to learning and development. During the group activities/play sessions, they learn through interaction with other kids at the school. Kids like to show off what they’ve learnt in the school today. They go home and imitate what is been taught – like a new word, music, dance, painting etc. This way the learning continues even after they leave the child care setting.

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