Sending a toddler to DayCare can be stressful for both the parents and the child. Especially, if your child is too young to even speak or express. How will you determine if the child care facility is good for your baby? It’s tough to say. But with little observation you can conclude whether the care environment is suiting your child.

What does a good DayCare look like? A happy child! When your child is happy while going and coming back from the daycare, it means he/she is enjoying the time spent with the teacher and other children.

You can keep tab on the following to gauge whether you child is happy in the care center.

  1. How happy is your child when you leave her to DayCare in the morning. A little moaning and groaning is natural, especially in the initial days. But if it continues every day, it’s a serious issue. If your child is excited to go and play with other children in the DayCare, it is a good sign.

    Determining if Child Care Center is right for your child
    Determining if Child Care Center is right for your child
  2. How happy is he, when the DayCare ends. It is actually a good sign if she is happy to stay and play longer. That means she is comfortable with the people in the center.
  3. How happy is she when she is at home during weekends. You can keep check on toddler’s behavior with you. You may notice a change in her sleeping and eating patterns. If she is unhappy, she may get aggressive or upset when you talk about care center. Take a note of this.
  4. How happy he is being in the DayCare facility when you visit the center uninvited. Drop in at an unscheduled time during the day to ensure your baby is happy and safe at day care. If you find him crying during your drop-in visits (one after the other), you may have to find a good child care center for him.

A high quality child care is going to make your child happy by being:

  1. Available for them when needed
  2. Loving, caring and supportive
  3. Respecting his/her individuality
  4. Preparing the child for a bright future

Unfortunately, knowing your child will be happy in a child care program before admission can be tough. But with the above points you can make out whether a child care is good enough for your child.

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