Kids learn using their senses. Child care providers can encourage kids to use their senses other than vision to explore the world around them well. Here are few tips/activities using which you can nurture scientific discovery skills and sensory exploration in child care.

Senses Science Activities for Preschoolers 

The most powerful way to encourage scientific discovery in child care is to offer numerous experiences that foster all the senses. In order to learn properly a sense of observation is essential. Below are some of the interesting activities which you can use to encourage kids to learn using their sense. Ensure you are also a part of these activities.

Exploring Smell, Sound, Feel and Taste

Exploring the senses are extremely important for the developing brain of kids.Critical thinking through sensory inputs develops the fundamentals of scientific reasoning.

  • Fragrance/Aroma Test – Using different items like coffee, sandalwood and rose petals in different covered boxes, you can teach children to guess the odors. You can put a hole in each lid of the container so that children can smell and guess the scent.

    How to Teach Kids Scientific Discovery Skills in Child Care
    How to Teach Kids Scientific Discovery Skills in Child Care
  • Sound Test – Fill few containers with different smaller objects like erasers, pins, crayons, buttons, beans etc. and cover tightly with a lid. Ask children to shake the containers and guess the item inside it. You can also ask them to pair up the containers with same sound.
  • Taste Test – Select foods that have distinctive flavors. Cover their eyes and feed them one bite of each food type and ask them if it tastes sweet, salty, sour. Ask them to recognize the food by its taste.
  • Touch/Feel Test – It becomes easy for children to recognize items by shape, size and texture. Place different objects in a box or put it inside a nylon socks and encourage them to touch and feel it to identify what is it and then check if their guess is correct.

The above sensory development activities can help you inculcate scientific discovery and sensory exploration skills in toddlers and preschoolers. We’ve listed only few activities, there are numerous things you can try in your classroom. If you have any suggestions, please share it with us in the comment box below. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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