Growing your preschool/child care enrollment is easier said than done. One need to have a solid business strategy backed by strong marketing plan to achieve the child care enrollment target. Following are the five most important factors in growing your child care or preschool admission.

Tips for Increasing the Child Care Enrollment

Firstly, you should have a staff that’s capable of delivering prompt and quality customer service. Consider offering unique service, which no other center has offered or even thought of. Increasing community exposure through local and online advertising could be one of the right options.

Tip # 1 – Check your staff quality

The most important part of a child care center is responsive and caring teachers. Even if the center has state-of-the-art technology, healthiest meal, stellar curriculum, it cannot be successful without a good teacher/caregiver. When parents know that their child is in safe and caring hands, it’s hard for them to reject your center. Hence, hiring quality staff can make the most difference in the child care center enrollment statistics.  

Ways to Boost Day Care Enrollment
Ways to Boost Child Care Center Enrollment

Tip # 2 – Have a website

Nowadays, most parents search for the child care center online, hence having a website could be really beneficial. Just having a website isn’t enough; you should keep it updated and fresh by posting relevant content – tips, guide and your center’s uniqueness. Most importantly, don’t forget to mention that you are open for enrollment. Your website will help parents make an informed choice.

Tip # 3 – Be popular within the community

Advertising in local newspapers or sponsoring fundraisers will enhance your brand image and may bring immense recognition to your business. Community activities that help in business growth are limitless. The more prominence your day care center gets, the more enrollment it will receive.   

Tip # 4 – Viva Voce

Referrals are one of the best forms of marketing for any business. However, it isn’t easy to get. The only way through which you can get these referrals is by providing excellent service. If you want parents to refer your child care center to others, you must be committed to high quality customer service, timely communication and active problem solving etc.

Tip # 5 – Daily Communication

Frequent communication not only builds a relationship, but also helps you know customer expectations and work towards fulfilling it. While offline communication isn’t always possible, you can send daily reports or digital message describing your child’s day in the center. Daily reports may include child’s photos, videos, activities and other important details of their day.

Tip # 6 – Beyond the basics

Standing out in a crowd is not easy, especially when the competition is stiff. But being different has its own reward, especially with your child care enrollment. In order to be unique in the league, you need to offer a service that no other center in your area offers. This could be anything from special extracurricular activities or meal plan, better staff to child ratios or complete digital way of communication with parents. Having a child care app for enrollment may make it quick and hassle free for parents to admit their child in your center.

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