For many working parents, whose children attend day care , knowing what their kids do in the care centers becomes difficult. How can they know what their toddler has been up to? The answer is by getting involved. Parent Involvement in Child Care center is very important.; it benefits children, teacher and parents. A good day care center encourages parent involvement at the preschool. Here are some ways to help you stay involved.

Top Ways of Parent Involvement in Day Care Centers

Two way communication – Ensure that there is a clear communication between day care and parents. As a parent, you should know the highs and lows of your child’s day. Now-a-days, many centers use child care mobile app that sends messages/notifications/emails to parents about their child’s day in the preschool. Communication, however should be two way; make sure you are sharing relevant information about your child with the school too, like potty-training progress or allergy related details. If you day care isn’t using an app yet, recommend them Happy Feet – a child care app that allows centers to provide real time picture updates and digital daily reports with parents, and manage employees effortlessly.

Parent Involvement in Preschool Activities
Parent Involvement in Preschool Activities

Drop by – Visit the child care center now and then, even if it is for ten minutes. It will help you know what’s happening in there. If you child care center does not have open door policy i.e. if you are not allowed to visit without prior information, new high-tech trend may be a good option. If you child care program does not have this facility, recommend them Happy Feet – a child care app that allows child care center to provide real time picture updates and digital daily reports with parents.

Join groups – If there is any type of parent group, make conscious effort to join it. It’s fine even if you are not able to make it to all the meetings organized by this group. At least joining a group of like minded parents can help you know what’s happening in the center, get parenting tips, or gain access to resources which otherwise you were not aware of. Some preschool might have their own committee, but if your child care don’t have one, create it yourself!

Participate in events – A lot of day cares arrange several fun activities, which not only involves parents, but the entire family. It is important that you make a conscious effort to participate in it. In case if you are busy (only sometimes), at least be active in the parent group/committee to get regular updates and be in the loop.

Not just these, there are numerous other advantages of parent involvement in preschool activities. If the teacher knows you better, she will be able to connect better with the child, which can help immensely their cognitive and behavioral development.

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