Preschool acts as the basic foundation for the learning and growth of your child, both socially and academically. For most children, preschool is their first exposure to a structured academic setting. So, it is truly the launch pad into the academic world.

Three Ways to Succeed At the Pre-School Stage

Montessori schools aim at creating an environment conducive to the elementary development of creative learning. Therefore, parents and teachers play a pivotal role in helping a child succeed at the preschool in its preoperational years.

  • Re-run Learning at Home

Since practice begins at home, it is best advisable for parents to revise the lessons done at school through with some fun activities and games. This helps the child in learning and knowing the subject better. Parents can try simple activities like color identification while playing building blocks, number counting by aligning objects or scribbling alphabets on the sand. In this manner, a smooth balance can be created between playing and learning. Plus, the learning time would not be taxing on the child.

  • Education Beyond the Four Walls

Charts, boards, and books are just aids to learning. The real development a child depends significantly on practical values like a presence of mind, awareness and commonplace intelligence.

How to Prepare Your Child for a Successful Montessori School Education
How to Prepare Your Child for a Successful Montessori School Education

Schools should aim at forwarding activities which simultaneously align the child’s concentration and energy. Having activities which teach the children essential human values or add to their creativity are important indeed. These include sharing food with classmates, visiting the nature park, group recitals, object making with clay or soft dough, paper crafts, reading out stories and fables to them and talent show. Cohesive growth and learning are very important for the overall development of a child which can only be achieved by taking learning beyond books.

  • Tip Toe towards Being Independent

A Montessori school education program is essentially designed to prepare a child for high school. So, it is very important to make a child proficient in being independent, besides giving him elementary learning.

Start with small things like letting them carrying their own bag on the back, letting them arrange their own stuff, guiding them to make their own choices etc. Gradually letting them try these things helps to instill a certain sense of confidence in them. This would prepare them for their high school in an effortless manner. Parents should also involve children in their routine chores by making the child do simple activities like making a sandwich together, folding small napkins, laying mats, washing the car etc.

Preschool features in the formative years of childhood where parents and teachers collectively work towards introducing different kinds of learning to the child. Care, love, attention, and interaction can help a child easily succeed in its preschool years.  

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