Parent involvement in child care center benefits children, teachers and parents themselves. It is been observed that children have better academic and social effects when their parents are actively involved in their child care center activities.

When parents are in sync with what’s been taught in the preschool, they can easily establish a connection between what is learned at care center and what takes place at home.

Why is parent involvement important?

There are numerous benefits of parent involvement in early childhood education. Children have better academic and social outcomes when their parents and teachers work collectively.  

A parent who understands about their child’s day at preschool has a proper knowledge of their child’s strengths and weaknesses.  By knowing the weak areas, parents can devise a plan to improve their child’s confidence and competency.

The Importance of Parent Involvement in Child Care
The Importance of Parent Involvement in Child Care

Benefits of Parent Involvement

  1. Involvement give parents the chance to discuss their child’s interests with the teacher and give input into the program
  2. Continuous and positive contact with staff can release parent stress
  3. Children feel valued when their parents take interest in their lives

However, involving parent in child care activities is one of the toughest challenges faced by child care centers. Below are the steps you can take to encourage parent involvement.

Tips for Encouraging Parent Involvement

Working parents, often finds it tough to be around their kids. That’s why rely on child care for the social, cognitive and academic development of their children. However, it is important for parents to involve themselves in early education of their kids.

Care centers can involve parents in the follow ways.

  • Invite parents to learn more about you, your center and teaching methodology. This will help parents know your center completely and make them feel at ease and involved
  • Encourage parents to participate in the classroom activities. For instance, if any of your parent is good in art or craft, they can conduct a special session for children
  • Ask for curriculum suggestions from parents. Encourage them to come up with topics they would like to see into your program, which is interesting and helpful
  • Share daily report of each child which outlines their progress, strong and weak areas; ask for feedback from parents on the report – what more they would like to see in the report, way of representation, report frequency etc.
  • Thank parents for their participation. You can send them a small thank you note to let them know you appreciate their time and assistance

In order to keep your parents engaged, you can use Happy Feet – A comprehensive Child Care center management mobile app and send them regular updates about their parent’s daily report within few minutes. 

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