So you finally found the right daycare for your child. Your child is happy being in the care center. He wakes up every morning excited to go to the school. That’s great!

But there are certain questions: How much child care is good for your child? Does my child really needs full-time daycare? How much day care is too much? Wise question!

But the answer cannot be straightforward. There are studies saying that full-time care can make the child rude and arrogant, but other says that children may better developmental progress from being around other children in the preschool.

We’ve listed down few easy steps to address the issue.

How much Daycare is too much?
Is Full-time DayCare A Good Choice for My Child?
  1. Ensure the care is of good quality: If a child care is not good for your child, it means you shouldn’t send him/her there. Even part-time child care will become tough for him, if he doesn’t likes it. Wondering what is a good quality child care? Read our blog post on how to determine whether a child care center is good for your child.
  2. Experiment to work out on the right schedule: This option is suitable for parents who are not working or working part-time. Try introducing daycare slowly, a few hours at a time. If it’s a high quality care center and your child is happy being there, there is no reason with you shouldn’t go for full-time option with them.
  3. Try to be flexible: We know how tough it is for working parents to decide for how much duration your child should be in the care. You can try to be more flexible for example, while your child is getting used to a new preschool. Hopefully the adjustment phase will only be a week or two. Ultimately, though, this call is a tough one to make.

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