Early Childhood Development is not just height and weight gain but holistic development – physical, emotional, cognitive, moral and social. A child develop quickly in the first few years of life. Know what milestones your baby should be touching from birth through their third birthday.

What is Early Childhood Developmental Milestone?

Developmental Milestones defines what most babies do at a particular age of their early years. Certain skills like speaking, waving, moving or trying to stand up and walk gives a hint about your child’s development. There is an age for each of these activities – when the child is 3 months old, he/she turns head when you call their name, at the age of 1 most children start speaking single words like “mama” and/or “dada.” However, parents must note that All children are different and some will do things faster or slower than others. But this does not mean you should ignore their delays. Like Marat Zeltsman, DO, of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital says “Even though babies develop at their own pace, every child should do certain tasks (viz. Gross motor skills, Fine motor skills, social interaction, language skills etc.) by a certain age.”

The below Developmental Milestones chart (ranging 3 months to 4 years) defines the activities your child should do at a particular age (early years). Have a look.

*Remember, a child can fall behind in this timeline and still be within the range of normal, but it’s best to discuss any issues/queries with your pediatrician.

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