Resuming work after having a baby used to be tough for a new parent. Not anymore. There are several ways that can help you stay connected with your baby.

Technology is making connecting with DayCare centers and children easier than ever through its specifically designed mobile applications.  New baby tracking mobile applications (commonly referred as apps) are the current tools for parents to be virtually around their kids every moment.

One such app is Happy Feet by StudMonk EdTech. It is the newest tool in a parent’s collection for monitoring their child’s daily activities while they are not around.

Keep in touch with your app through child care app
Keep in touch with your app through child care app

With Happy Feet, parents and caregivers are able to communicate with each other about the details of a child’s day in the center.  The childcare app allow parents to:

  • Track child’s attendance, access food menu and event calendar
  • Parents can access photos of their child to know about their day in the childcare center
  • Parents can receive emergency alerts and post feedbacks through the app
  • Send outstanding tuition alert to parents for payment
  • Publish events and notice board through the app for higher parent participation

Happy Feet is a comprehensive childcare app where parents can access every detail of the child. They can watch their child flourish each.

  • Daily reports – Offers real-time activity and attendance report tracking access.
  • Food Menu – Provides calendar view of food menu and timely feeding report.
  • Event Calendar – Shares update on upcoming events and participation report.
  • Updated Gallery – Offers one tap access to child’s activities from Day 1 through photos.  
  • Notifications & Feedback – Sends emergency alerts through notification and give valuable feedbacks/suggestions.

With Happy Feet parent gets complete report and details about the child, making them feel confident about the care their kid is receiving. This also do away the guilty feeling which parents usually develop about missing out on important milestones.

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