Haven’t you heard that ‘All work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy’? This age-old saying emphasizes the need to play in a beautiful way. The rapidly increasing competitive environment and expectation of a bright future impacts the actions of parents, teachers and guardians. Lots of parents follow the rut and make their children follow a bookish educational regimen. They fail to realize the power of play in early childhood education. However, some reputed study centers, schools and day care centers are successful in bringing out the right value of playing time.

The time your child devotes to playing in early childhood has an impact on his growth. The role and the power of play in early childhood education cannot be ignored.

  • Develops Cognitive Skills: Choosing the correct sport for your child is a crucial parameter that you cannot ignore. When your child engages in one or more play activities, it helps his cerebral cortex development. He/she learns how to react quickly to a situation and perform a critical analysis of the task at hand.
  • Inculcates Athleticism: One of the biggest traits of early childhood education is its ability to shape the moldable personality of your child. Not only do you get a chance to inculcate good moral values for a strong mental personality, but you get to prepare your child for physical endurance. When he/she flexes those muscles for a sprint regularly, chances are that he/she will never face a severe threat of obesity or heart disease.

    Significance of Play in Early Childhood Education and Development of the Child
    Significance of Play in Early Childhood Education and Development of the Child
  • Develops Strong Parental Relationship: Playing and learning occur side by side for a child. Your child can develop a strong interpersonal relationship with you when you devote some personal time building the relationship using a game/sport. When the child shares the physical pain of exertion after playing with you, he/she will be comfortable in sharing the mental trauma too.
  • Enhanced Competitive and Teamwork Skills: Role of playing in early years of education grants the gift of teamwork to your child. You are already aware of the importance of teamwork in a corporate environment. Playing a team sport/game will help your child become an all-rounder in conversing with people too.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Benefits like scholarships and rewards for extraordinary talent in a sport can add flair to the resume of your child, preparing him/her for a better future. Play and work need to go hand in hand for a wholesome early childhood development of a child.

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