Learning to identify and pronounce words is a major part of learning to read. Preschoolers start recognizing easy and day-to-day words like their name. Gradually, they began to learn and spot simple words like bat, ball, cat, dog etc. They do this by recollecting the pattern of the letters.

How to Teach Pronunciation in Child Care?

Child care providers/teachers can help young children learn to pronounce by breaking the word into smaller chunks or letters. For instance, the word SCHOOL can be broken down into ‘s’ ‘c’ ‘h’ ‘o’ ‘o’ ‘l’.

Young learners have short attention span; it is equally challenging to make them sit at one place and teach them for long. Therefore, to keep them engaged, teachers should try out interesting ways to help kids learn to pronounce. One of the many ways include teaching with the help of flashcards.

Why Flashcards to Teach Pronunciation?

There are many kinds of learners in a classroom. Teachers should be able to cater to every type of learner during their session. Out of the several type of learners, it is particularly important to appeal to visual learners, which are usually in big numbers in one classroom. Flashcards are bright and colorful to make an impact on visual learners, which makes teaching pronunciation simple.

Helping Child Learn to Pronounce
Helping Child Learn to Pronounce

Other than flashcards, here are some tips for child care providers to help kids learn to pronounce words.

  • If a child pronounces a word incorrectly, help them say it correctly by breaking it down and saying it yourself. Correct them calmly; don’t scold.
  • Make them point to words and say them loudly
  • Cut bigger words into smaller chunks like ‘D’ ‘O’ ‘G’ – DOG
  • Play word or spelling games like Bananagrams, Scrabble and Tiggly Words with older preschoolers
  • Make them search for small words in the stories, like on, of, do, the, are, is etc.

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