Child care center is a great place for toddlers and infants to play and learn. But without proper hygiene in child care, they can become home to germs and infections.

Infections spread through numerous ways – coughing, sneezing, direct contact with dirty materials etc. However, the biggest source of germs can be diapering. To prevent the spread of germs child care providers should follow the proper diapering procedure. Here are the important tips to prevent spreading germs during diapering.

Tips for Safe and Healthy Diapering in Child Care

  • Use disposable paper – You can use paper towels, paper bags or wax paper to cover the diapering surface with disposable paper. Whichever paper you use, make sure it is unused and clean.
  • Keep plastic bags handy – Use this for soiled diapers or clothes. Empty plastic bags reduces the odor.
  • Keep wet wipes ready – Take out enough wet wipes from the box beforehand (even before you undress the child) to avoid contaminating the box.

    Tips for Safe Diapering in Child Care Center
    Tips for Safe Diapering in Child Care Center
  • Single-use latex gloves – Do not use same gloves for all diaper changes. Make use of new and disposable gloves for every child, especially if the child is suffering diarrhea or another illness.
  • Avoid changing diaper on the floor – No matter how many times you clean the child care center floor, it gets dirty or contaminated because kids litter.  Therefore it is not safe to change diapers on the floor. Also, changing diaper on the floor could expose other kids, who walk or sit on floor to infections.
  • Remove gloves before putting on the clean diaper – This will prevent you from spreading germs or infections back to the child.
  • Wipe correctly and carefully – Especially for girls, wipe from front to back to prevent infections. For boys, you must always cover their penis with a cloth to prevent a spray of urine during the diaper change.
  • Clean the baby’s hand – Whether or not the baby has touched anything during the diaper change, it is always a good idea to wash his/hand once you’re done.
  • Wash and sanitize the diapering table/area – Once you are done changing the diaper, disinfect the table by spraying the table with disinfectant or water. Wipe it with a clean paper towel. If the same sink is used for handwashing and food preparation, clean it with the disinfectant immediately after use.

Child care providers can prevent spreading of infections and germs during the diapering process by following the above diaper change tips and guidelines carefully.

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