Your child spends a lot of time at the daycare daily. Therefore, you need to ensure that the daycare you choose for him/her has a nurturing and reliable environment. Lots of factors are to be considered while choosing the perfect daycare. Plus, reliability of the support staff at the daycare takes precedence over all other factors. 

Here are the critical tips that you can consider to make sure that you as well as your child is comfortable with this sudden transition.

Help Your Child Familiarize with the New Environment

The number 1 tip for switching daycares includes helping your child get comfortable in a new environment. It is advisable to spend at least a day or two at the daycare with your child to help him feel comfortable in the space. Make sure that you explore the entire facility with your child so that the feeling of discomfort vanishes.

Tips for Smooth ChildCare Transition
Tips for Smooth ChildCare Transition

Play with your child using the toys available at the facility and help them choose a favorite toy. You can also borrow or buy (if you can) a toy from the previous daycare center that your child befriended earlier to make the transition smooth.

Make the Transition Slow (But Fast)

You need to create a comprehensive daycare transition schedule that is neither too fast nor too slow. There is a possibility that your child is not comfortable with the move, in case you hurry it. However, if you try to go very slow, your child may get more and more attached to the old daycare center thus making the transition even more difficult.

You can devise a new plan with the specialists from both the old as well as new daycare in the room to adjust the transition as per the needs of the new place as well as your child.

Create a Daycare Transition Plan/Checklist

Creating a daycare transition checklist will help to ease the transition a lot. You can tick all the correct boxes at the correct time. The checklist must include transporting all the personal belongings of your child from the old daycare to the new one, one by one.

Talk to Your Child

A great idea for the daycare transition plan is to create a fun story line for your child that allows him/her to think that you are going on a fun adventure and discovering a new place. This way, your child gets the aura of being a daredevil and taking a challenge head on. When you talk to your child, make sure that inform about the story to the new daycare caretakers as well. This helps your child accept the new daycare specialists as part of their trusted people.

It is a good idea to select the daycare closer to your office to make sure that you can be there for your child in case of an emergency. So, maybe your job location changed, and now you need to change the daycare centre accordingly. Following these daycare transition tips will help your child accept the move quickly and positively.

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