Keeping children healthy is not just parent’s job; child care providers are equally responsible for this. Promoting healthy eating habits in child care is one of the several ways teachers can keep kids fit and active. However, the merits of physical activities cannot be overlooked. Encouraging physical activity in child care is indispensable.

As per Shape of America, kids need about 1 hour of undefined physical activity and 1 hour of organized active play every day to stay healthy. We bring you super tips on arranging physical activity in child care center.

How to Encourage Physical Activity in Child Care

Physical activity is important for children to stay in good health. But fighting kid’s attraction towards video games, smartphones, television and computers can be super challenging for today’s parents. With no hopes at home, parents have full hope from child care providers.

Ensuring Optimum Physical Activity in Child Care
Ensuring Optimum Physical Activity in Child Care

We’ve listed down the physical activity guidelines in child care to help care providers keep children physically fit.

  • Dedicate fix time for unstructured play daily – Young kids love to run, jump, and ride. Make sure you fix at least 60 minutes for unstructured outdoor games. The motto is to give them their time to play, explore and learn without interference. This is good for both their physical and mental health.
  • Add active games to the schedule – Remember, 60 minutes of structured active play is necessary? Fix a time for this, and try to include simple movement activities like a freeze dance or simple jumping activity. Make sure, the structured activities are simple to do.
  • Create a space for active play – Toddlers like climbing and jumping, even inside. Your setup should allow them to do it easily and safely. Installing climbing equipments in the indoor play or gym area. This is especially helpful when the weather is harsh and kids cannot go out for playing.
  • Don’t pressurize – Encourage every child in your center to play, but don’t force them to do so. Some kids are reserved, they’ll play only if they feel they should after watching other kids playing. Let them feel comfortable; don’t put pressure on them to play.
  • Participate in the game – Young kids learn by seeing adults. So, instead of standing or sitting and instructing, go join them. Remember, physical activity is a part of the child care curriculum.

Physical activity need not be complicated and taxing. Plan simple activities that are fun to do. For more such tips, keep following our blog posts.

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