Buying toys is a complicated task. A trip to toy store can leave you banging your head in confusion, especially when you are trying to figure out age-appropriate toys for child development.

Blocks, tricycles, sand and water toys, musical instruments, sleds, playhouses – the choices are too many. Given the endless options, you may use some expert tips for choosing the right toys for children of different age groups in your child care center.

Choosing Toys and Materials for Child Care Center

To finalize the appropriate toys for a particular child care program, find out answers for the following questions:

  • Know the age of the children – The toy requirements of an infant learning to crawl is different from preschoolers or school-age children. Hence, it is important to know how old are the children.

    Tips to Buy Toys and Materials for Child Care Center
    Tips to Buy Toys and Materials for Child Care Center
  • Know their area of interest – Interest changes with time, but your center should be equipped with child care toys or materials that usually interest kids. Young children who are developing motor skills may need climbing equipment, toddlers likes constructions toys like building blocks or clothing for dress-ups. Some kids like problem solving games like puzzles etc.
  • Know their learning stage – A kid just starting to draw might need some crayons and a handy white board/slate to just scribble. A child who is learning to write may prefer pencil or pointed markers to write. Remember to pick materials that encourage kids to take their learning to the next level.
  • Support their development – Ensure your center has toys that encourage motor, skills, reading to problem solving skills, sequencing skills etc.

There is one thing that every child care owner should know about young kids – their choices and preferences change rapidly, so toys need to be swapped frequently.  

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