Being a teacher is tough, being a teacher to preschooler is toughest. A preschool teacher is usually different from those teaching in schools and colleges/universities. It takes special qualities to work with children, stepping into the world of education.

It is the responsibility of these teachers to provide children a safe, secure and joyful environment, where they can learn to express, share and progress in life.

A good preschool teacher help kids in their emotional, cognitive, behavioral and social development. In fact how child care affect a child’s development depends on the quality of the child care provider/teachers. Superior the quality, better the intellectual and language development, positive peer relations, obedience with adults and lesser behavior problems.

Qualities of a Preschool Teacher

In the below image, we’ve listed down the top five qualities of a good preschool teacher a child care owner must look for to shortlist the right match for their center.

Qualities of a good preschool teacher
Qualities of a good preschool teacher

Early childhood education is not a one-size-fits-all teaching career. Teachers must demonstrate effective qualities that help to them to survive this profession with full zeal.

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