Many child care providers in the US work with children with disabilities or special needs. To include them you need to make little changes keeping in mind their strengths and abilities; Don’t remind them of their weaknesses. Remember, kids with special needs are kids first.

How to Make the Modifications in Child Care Environment?

Each disability is different, therefore the changes you make has to be customized accordingly. In order to make the right changes, collect as many details about the disorder/condition as you can. You can talk to their parents or healthcare professional who work with the kid to get complete and correct information. In most cases, the changes are small and quick, and usually benefits other children in the child care environment.

Changes to Make in the Child Care Environment for Children with Special Needs
Changes to Make in the Child Care Environment for Children with Special Needs

What Important Modifications to Make in Child Care Environment?

  • Involve parents in the plan – Care provider, parents and doctor/consultant must set goals together. The goals should match the child’s ability; it should not be too difficult or too easy. Also, discuss the activities that needs to be performed to fulfill the goals together.
  • Make slight adjustments – Little changes can make a huge difference. For instance, create a quite, small place for a hyperactive child. Keep an extra lamp for a kid with improper vision.
  • Change toys and materials – Toys are the first and important thing that should be changed to accommodate children with special needs in the child care center. For instance, cover the water bottle with a cotton cover for kids who has problem holding the bottle or lacks grip.
  • Focus on strengths – Avoid focusing on disabilities always. Treat them as normal children. Make them feel capable by assigning them activities that are based on their capabilities and strengths.
  • Teach normal children how to behave with kids with special needs – For instance, ask the children to tap gently on the shoulder of a child who has hearing problem to get their attention.

These small steps make a big difference in the life of a disabled child. For more such interesting and helpful tips, keep visiting our blog regularly. You can share your views in the comment box below.

*Disclaimer: While reading this post, please remember that every child is different and so are their disabilities and condition. The above article is not written keeping in mind any specific aliment; it is generic. Kindly consult the child’s parents and doctor before making him/her perform certain activities in the child care facility.

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