Choosing child care is not easy. If you are searching for a perfect day care for your baby, you have likely come up with a set of questions to ask prospective child care facility. After all it is an important decision, and probably the biggest one you have made till date.

Whether you are looking for a home-based care or center-based facility, there are lot of things that you would like to know. We are sure when it comes to the safety, care and security of the child, no parents would like to take any chance. They want to do nothing less than the best for their little angel. While you have spent hours and days compiling a list of questions to be asked, have you jotted down the questions for references?

Checking References is Important- Why?

Often, parents pay less or no attention to references. This is not right. In fact the feedback or review given by other parents can sometimes give you insights which could save you from making a wrong choice.

You can ask the potential caregiver to share the name of two current and past clients; contact them (especially the past client) and ask them why they discontinued taking their care service, ask for feedback about the service quality and staff qualification etc. A quality child care will never hesitate in giving out the details of their ex-clients.

Reference Checks Helps in Picking the Right Day Care
Reference Checks Helps in Picking the Right Day Care

Here are some questions you should ask references.

  • What made you choose this day care center?
  • Why have to stopped using their service?
  • If required again, would you prefer the same child care?
  • How does the caregiver communicate with parents on a daily basis? (Verbally, written reports, etc.)
  • Have your child ever had a behavioral issue while he/she was in day care?
  • Has your child ever had an injury/illness/emergency at child care? How was it handled?
  • Does your child enjoy going to the day care?
  • How good is the caregiver? How well versed he/she is in handling kids at the child care center?
  • What kinds of activities does your child do at child care?
  • Would you recommend this child care and caregiver to a very close friend or family member?

Don’t feel awkward to call a reference more than once if you come across other questions. It is important for you to be 100% sure before choosing a child care for your baby. Choosing quality child care is a tough choice to make, considering the number of child care available in the market. Hence, be vigilant – don’t rush, do thorough research before finalizing one.

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