There are some toys that are evergreen. Books Blocks and Balls are enjoyed by kids of all ages. They are simple, durable, fun, and helps children build skills. Hence, your child care learning materials should consist of these three Bs.

Why Books?

Books are a traditional yet most effective way of learning or acquiring skills. There are several books available – stories and nature, drawing and coloring, fairy tale and folktale, fiction and non-fiction, magic and music etc. Kids learn so much from these books. Toddlers love looking at the pictures in books, turning its pages and listening to poems/stories from the book. Once they start reading, child care providers can teach them to take turns reading to one another. Child care center should make reading books an important part of their early childhood education program/curriculum.

How Important is Books, Blocks & Balls in Early Childhood Education
How Important is Books Blocks and Balls in Early Childhood Education

Why Blocks?

Kids of different age group use blocks in different ways and learn accordingly. Infants carry them around and dump them into a container. They use physical skills to lift and move blocks. Toddlers love building blocks. In order to build a structure, thinking and problem-solving skills are used. They learn math as they add, subtract and count. Therefore, having blocks in your child care is essential.

Why Balls?

Like interesting books and colorful blocks, balls are enjoyed by children of all ages. Infants like to roll them, while toddlers love rolling a ball back and forth or even kick it. Older children learn to throw and catch a ball. A ball teaches them to take turns, which teaches them sharing. Playing with ball also make them love sports, which leads to their physical exercise.

Child care providers must look for age-appropriate toys for their preschool. Toys are one of the great developmental learning tools, hence should be selected and issued responsibly.

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