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Social Media Marketing

Be Loud in the Crowd

Your brand is being discussed on social media at some point in time irrespective of whether or not you have an online presence. But are you hearing them?  


It is important for your customers and clients to know that their opinion and comments are being heard and valued. This can only be done through social media.


Social media is an extension of your customer service, security of your status and enhancement of your brand awareness. If your business isn’t successfully engaging your target group on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms, you are seriously losing out on a substantial marketing and sales avenue.


Our Social Media Marketing service involves social media audit, competitive analysis, determining the right audience and suggesting bespoke interactive strategies to stand out in a crowd. We create and manage top performing social media campaigns for businesses, irrespective of their size and nature.

We have a bunch of self-motivated social media specialists with consulting and marketing in their DNA. Our social media marketing plan is made of three critical components – communication, promotion and brand awareness.

How does StudMonk EdTech help you?


By increasing number of followers


By increasing engagement through likes, comments and shares etc.


Through crafting social media advertising campaigns, retargeting ads, which will influence leads and sales

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Consultancy

Our experts will craft a social strategy for you depending on your business goals. You may already have an internal team who just needs guidance or you may want us to help you carve your social presence from scratch. We’ll help you with everything you need.

Brand Management

Our brand custodians will keep you involved in conversations about your brand. We don’t leave any customer queries unanswered. Our experts help you engage your clients and potential customers through creating various online activities. Our brand managers guard over the brand’s identity and reputation, and work to improve sales and enhance brand awareness.

Social Tone & Nature

Yes, your tone matters a lot. Our social communication experts are here to help you use the right style that suits your business and portrays your brand exactly how you want it to be.

Social Media Monitoring

Our Social media experts give brands insight into their customer’s needs, wants and behaviors. They help you know who’s talking what, whether it is positive or negative, what their opinion about your brand is. This will keep you ahead in the race, as based on these findings you can plan your activities and campaigns to retain existing clients and acquire new ones.

Social PPC

Our social paid team can help you create engaging Facebook & LinkedIn ads, or sponsored YouTube. Pinterest or Instagram content to enhance your online presence and evoke interest about your products (new or existing) among the targeted groups.

Social PR

Our connections with some of the authoritative websites, bloggers and publishers can help you market your exclusive and high quality content on nearly every major portals.

Reporting & Analysis

Our social media analysis and reporting will help you identify and decide your future activities not limited to social channels, but across all marketing avenues.

Cross Channel Promotion

It is all about engaging your clients and prospects on every digital channel and on any device. Using the insights from the social media reports we ensure your message reaches the right audience through all marketing channels, giving your brand an eternal recognition on the web.

Blogging Strategy Creation

Our expert writers can assist you develop a blog strategy that creates a space for your personal branding. Our service may involve crafting ideas for blog posts, writing the blogs, marketing the posts and commenting on other blogs to build awareness about your brand.

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