DayCare center allows parents to leave their kids in a safe and secure setting while at work. If you are planning to start your own childcare center, it is important to finish all the legal formalities beforehand. The center must be certified and inspected to ensure a protected and fun-filled environment for the children.

While the licensing criteria are set at the state level and differs from state to state, there are certain other important requirements that you need to take care of before starting a childcare center.

  • License – It is mandatory to hold a valid license for opening a DayCare center.  The licensing criteria are set at the state level and differs from state to state. Typically, the owner applies for the DayCare center license and is allotted solely for a particular location. In case if the owner wishes to sell the center or shift to another location, he/she will require a new license. In most state, one may also need to renew the care center license every year.
  • Neighborhood – This decides the fate and future of the care center, hence location matters a lot. A lot of state permits daycare center owners the option to run a business out of their home or in a commercial location. In fact the rules and regulations binding the center depends on its current location.

    Requirements for Opening a DayCare Center
    Requirements for Opening a DayCare Center
  • Staff – Background verification is the mandatory step in hiring all employees of day care center.  This is to ensure that the kids are in safe hands. Staff-to-child ratio must be maintained depending on the age of the kids being admitted to the center. While the ratio differs from state to state, below is the typical limit chart:
    Group DayCare centers – max of six babies or 8 toddlers per group, with ideally one staffer for every 3 babies and one staffer for every 4 toddlers (13 to 30 months).
    In-home DayCare – 6 kids (including the caregiver’s own) should be the limit, with no more than 2 kids under 2 years old.
  • Training and Certification – Few states makes it essential to have first aid certification for opening a DayCare center. Other than this, child care training courses may also be required for owner or staff.
  • Safety – The location selected to start a DayCare center must be safe. Before issuing a license, a prospective child care location is scrutinized by the state licensing board as well as local inspectors to ensure it is in sync with the local fire and safety regulations.
  • Activities and Equipment – All the equipment provided at the center must be of good quality and 100% safe. The center should cross check every equipment starting from toys, artistic supplies to any rides before allowing the child to play with it or use it. The DayCare center should have scheduled activities like playtime, snack hour and nap times every day for the children.

Before you plan to start a DayCare center be prepared with the above essentials.

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