You cannot explain economics or feelings to a kid, can you? The basic mindset of a kid revolves around just one thing, ‘wants’. It is difficult for kids to identify the difference between need and want. Therefore, you will often find them throwing temper tantrums for something that seems pretty illogical for you. Here, you need to step into the shoes of the kid to truly understand how he/she feels about what thing he/she wants.

You might have often wondered how to deal with child temper tantrums when things get out of control. You know that hurting them is not the answer. Nor can you have a full existential conversation with them to explain something logically, in the heat of the moment.

Here are a few fantastic ways in which the best Montessori Schools deal with such a situation.

Provide a Controlled Play and Learn Environment

The best way to deal with a temper tantrum is to identify the individual needs of the child. This might differ from one child to another. Since children have a fluid and moldable temperament at a young age, this works in the favor of school authorities. Teachers in Montessori schools provide a controlled play and learn environment for the child where he/she feels in total control of the situation and has the freedom to make his/her choices. However, the choices that the teacher offers work in his/her favor i.e. help to control the temper tantrum.

Tips to Handle Tantrums of Montessori Kids
Tips to Handle Tantrums of Montessori Kids

Give Room for a Collaborative Team Effort

One of the major reasons for a child’s frustration may be his/her inability to do a task. Montessori schools teach them teamwork and reliance on codependency for difficult tasks. This prepares the kids for handling stressful situations calmly.

Follow the Famous Montessori Discipline Regimen

The teachers follow a well-organized and disciplined approach for the kid’s daily/weekly/monthly activities to inculcate a sense of control and discipline into his/her mind. However, they make sure that this regimen is flexible and works effectively over a period of time. This also includes periodic monitoring to ensure an open and free learning environment for the kid.

Rather than completely preventing temper tantrums, the teachers figure out ways to deal and learn from them. Prevention of a temper tantrum can be counter-productive where the child suffers from repressed anger. Inculcating the Montessori way of dealing with the situation will ensure that teacher is providing a holistic and open room for the development of your kid.

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