Your staff is the major contributing element to the successful operation of your childcare center. The way you treat your team often reflects in their performance. Hence, be wise and treat them nice!

It is crucial that management observe and assess the team’s individual performances at regular intervals. They should try different ways to lift employee’s confidence and inculcate positivity by appreciating what they do each day. This will not only enhance their performance, but also contribute to a successful working of the center.  

Here are some of the ways you can follow to improve the staff performance of your childcare setting.

Share details with staff

Let all your employees know what’s going on in the center and how is it performing. Sharing important information will make them feel that they are trusted and valued. This will also motivate them to work towards the common goal, which in turn will help your business grow and become more lucrative.

Encourage suggestions and opinions

Nothing can be better than this. Conduct regular meetings and ask for suggestions to do better. You may share your business issue with them and call for recommendations to overcome it. This will make them feel that they are an important part of the organization. There might be some introverts, who aren’t comfortable speaking in the crowd; set up a provision for them to share their views and ideas – either through email or by operating an ‘open door’ policy.

Enhancing the performance of your child care staff
Enhancing the performance of your child care staff

Recognize efforts

A simple ‘Thank You’ can go a long way and make a huge impact on employee’s performance. While there is no written rule on how a recognition can be delivered (monetarily or non-monetarily), it is certainly important that it should occur as frequently as possible and come from multiple sources (senior leaders, supervisors, peers, clients/parents). Recognition/Appreciation promotes positivity at the work station, which in turn boosts employee performance and engagement.

Observe their performance and share feedback

Notice your staff’s performances while they are doing it and see if they are doing it correctly. Note their strengths and weaknesses and share your feedback immediately. Follow this exercise regularly and provide pointers on how to improve their practice. This will benefit both – the employee and the employer (business).

Involve them in team building activities

An employee’s confidence can be boosted through team building activities. With proper planning, fix a day and take your employees out and encourage them to participate in team building sessions. This will help employees know each other well and improve relationships between one another creating a positive work environment.     

Invest in Employee Training

This is possibly one of the most encouraging ways to improve staff performance. By offering the right tool and relevant training you are not only preparing them to perform their role exceptionally well, but also granting them a lesson for lifetime, which they can use anytime in their career either here or somewhere else.