Most preschool teachers have had the hard luck of dealing with negative comments from parents on social media. It is important to face and respond those remarks from time to time. In those time, our response carry much weight, of course it has to be well drafted and relevant. It takes years of immense effort to build an image, and single miscalculated response can malign the image of your preschool.

Here are top strategies that will resolve most of the problem with parents.  

Tip # 1 – Respond quickly

It is very important to reply quickly to parent’s comments on social media. One should address parent complaints in couple of hours. When we say respond immediately it doesn’t necessarily mean you should answer the comment quickly; it means acknowledge their issue so that they know you are looking into it. According to a study from Convince & Convert, 40% of respondents expect a response time within hours of leaving a complaint.Apologize and give them a realistic time frame for a response.

Tips to handle negative comments from parents on social media
Tips to handle negative comments from parents on social media

Tip # 2 – Admit Mistakes

If it’s your mistake, accept it and take the responsibility! By doing this you stop the customer from continuing the negative comment regarding the issue on social media. Remember, it takes time to build trust with the parents, but it takes only a second to lose it. When you’ve made a mistake, it’s wise to be honest and give your best to fix the problem. However, when you apologize ensure it is genuine. Don’t just copy and paste the sorry message or send an automated reply without realizing the sensitivity of the matter. You should always put yourself into the parent’s shoes, this will help you connect with their thoughts and relate to their emotions.

Tip # 3 – Don’t react aggressively

Never respond negatively. The parent isn’t angry with you as an individual, they are pissed by the state they are in.  Be calm, analyze the problem and come up with a plan to resolve it quickly.

Tip # 4 – Follow up

Your work doesn’t stops after responding to the complaint on social media. The next step is to follow up to ensure that the parent is fully satisfied with your response. One should follow up within a couple of days of the first response. A personal approach lets parent know that their opinion is valued and comment is been heard. This the best way to regain parent’s trust.

Tip # 5 – Don’t Delete Negative Comments

Deleting negative comments on social media is the last thing you would ever want to do. Removing the comment won’t make it go away. In fact, ignoring and deleting them would add fuel to parent’s anger and they will keep on posting wrong things on your page until you’ve addressed them.

While you should never delete a negative comment from an angry parent, it is not acceptable for customers to be discourteous to your day care center on social channels. If the parent has clearly crossed the line you have complete right to delete or block that person.

When handling angry parent on social media be as transparent and honest as you can when dealing with negative comments. Adopting a personal approach will do wonders to the otherwise distorted image of your day care center. However, don’t take derogatory statements for your brand on social channels; take immediate action against such disrespectful comments.

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