Marketing your child care business can be difficult. In the time when parents are actively involved in research to find the right child care center for their kids, it is becoming super tough to exhibit yourself as the ideal choice for their little angels.

In this highly competitive environment you need to come up with really attractive and convincing ways to market your center and be the premier child care solution.

Marketing Ideas for Early Childhood

Following are top child care marketing ideas that you can implement to increase awareness and child care enrollment, and stand out from the competition.

  • Socialize your brand – It is important to be active on social media channels. Often while researching parents peep into the social media handles of child care center – just to check for reviews. That’s the right time and place to capture the attention of your potential customers. For this, you should participate in relevant discussions, provide timely reply on client reviews/comments/grievances and post interesting and relevant content on your profiles. Doing so will make them feel confident about your facility.

    How to Increase Child Care Enrollment
    How to Increase Child Care Enrollment
  • Get Love from Parents – Run referral reward program to encourage parents to spread the word about your child care center. Engaging parents is essential to get their support; it is a give and take relationship. Involve parents by communicating regularly with them viz. sending regular notifications and alerts about important center events, weekly/monthly newsletters, reminders and updates etc.
  • Start Networking/Build Connections – Look for local expecting moms or mother-child groups in your community and connect with them. You can share useful tips with moms, give presentations on how to choose the best child care for your child, tips for smooth transition into preschool etc. At the end, don’t forget to share your details with them – like a flyer or brochure to help them contact or refer you.
  • Become A Digitally Smart Center – Joining hands with technology will benefit your center immensely.  Providing access to a child care app like Happy Feet for communication, updates and reports will help you gain a competitive advantage. It gives parents a quick view of their child’s day in the center – what they ate, how did they perform in the activities, how much did they sleep etc.

Our feature-rich child care app, Happy Feet allows you to share real time picture updates and digital daily reports with parents on their smartphone. Parents will love you for this and will show the pictures to their friends. What better way than to generate referrals and increase enrollment than from happy parents.

Have a question or two about Happy Feet child care management app for your center? Contact us!We’ll tell you how our app will save your time and money, and help you market your center effectively.

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